DJ AM Record Collection Sale (November, 2010)


About one year after DJ AM passed, there was charity event held in which his original vinyl records were sold to the public. Anyone who knew him or was a fan could have a piece of his vinyl music collection. The event was held at Mark the Cobra Snake’s store, the Cobrashop, at the Hollywood & Highland center from November 12th-14th, 2010. The proceeds went to the DJ AM Memorial Fund and the turnout was great. Myself, along with some of Adam’s other close friends like Spider, Steve1der, Thee Mike B. & Kevy Kev, just to name a few, helped get all the records sorted and ready for the sale. Adam’s collection was immense and he had a bit of everything as you would imagine. Here’s the original flyer for the event:

Here’s some pics of the record bins & shelves that we set up. Posters, pics and other AM memorabilia were on display during the sale which added to the cool vibe of the event.


Even the records from his gig bags (right before the switch to Serato in 2004/2005) were in the sale (shown above). He still had his airline checked baggage tags on quite a few of the gig bags. Here’s another pic that was taken during the sorting process:

And a dope pic of AM’s Run DMC “Tougher Than Leather” album signed by all 3 members including the late Jam Master Jay:

All the vinyl was tagged with “From the collection of DJ AM” stickers when purchased, proving their authenticity as a permanent part of Adam’s record collection:

So what did I end up with you ask? I grabbed a variety of stuff. A few AM gig classics, a couple of his personal favorite songs & a few that were sentimental to both of us. These first two are special because they were two of Adam’s favorite songs… one from LCD Soundsystem & the other from Daft Punk. He used “Something Great” as the opening track on his Old Navy Pt. 1 mix & also in the Elton 1 mix:

I was also fortunate enough to get my hands on several of his most iconic records that were featured on a couple of his most famous mix routines.  The first is his Lynyrd Skynyrd “Sweet Home Alabama” that was also had the Superduckbreaks record that he used with it in the same sleeve. Iconic AM mix right there for sure.  The second pic is his Queen & David Bowie “Under Pressure” 12 inch as well as his Crooklyn Clan “Be Faithful” doubles that he used in his classic “Bass Drop” mix & subsequent “Be Faithful” juggle routine.  A closeup shot of the “Be Faithful” wax shows his home address label as a vinyl marker, something he did quite frequently:

The last records shown below are sentimental to me because Adam & I both shared a love for early 90s rave & old skool techno music. One time he came over to my crib and we were chillin’ in my studio listening to some cuts from my rave vinyl collection and he was marveling at how much I loved that music telling me he had fond memories of the early 90s and about how he used to do nitrous oxide and dance all night at warehouse raves. Flash forward to 2008, there was a serious fire where I live that was threatening my house. I was on a flight home from Chicago (not even knowing if I would still have a house when I landed). Adam, hearing about the fire on the news, called my wife asking if everything was alright and to make sure she had packed up: “His kicks & his rave vinyl.” Luckily, my house was spared, but not before my wife had all my rave records & shoes packed up in our cars.

I handpicked a few rave classics from the sale that both of us loved: Eon “Spice,” Skin Up “Ivory,” “Joey Beltram “Energy Flash,” Zero Zero “Zeroxed,” and 808 State “Cubic.”


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